Werefox Isekai Update

Alright! So!

Some schedule updates for y'all, hope you're prepared!

Werefox Isekai???

Since I'm fully COVID-19 vaccinated, I've been planning some trips to go see some friends that I've made over the months that I've been stuck at home quarantining! Right now it's just a few trips, but I'm hoping to get more of them done as time goes on. In any case, here's the schedule.

May 2021

This upcoming weekend, the 28th – 30th I'll be out of town visiting a friend!

June 2021

Once I get back, that Thursday I'll be heading out after my usual Twitch stream to visit another friend from the 3rd – 6th.

After I've come back I've got a couple days at home where I'll have to unfortunately cancel the stream due to some previously made appointments, and then I'll be taking a flight out to visit another friend that Tuesday for about a week from the 8th – 14th.

What about the stream?

In the meantime, I have some ideas on possibilities for streaming while I'm gone. I would hate to just stop streaming for a whole month, essentially. The new Pokemon Snap looks neat, and I've been wanting to do a nuzlocke of Pokemon Shield for a while... We'll see!

Also, I'm moving!

I'm gonna be finally moving out of my parent's place! Sometime at the end of July, hopefully. So that is going to disrupt streams again once that starts happening.

That's all I've got for y'all this time.

I love you, I miss you, I'll see you tomorrow, I promise. 💙