Telegram bridge bot is back up!

I’ve finally gotten around to getting the mautrix-telegram bridge bot back up and running, so you can now join the general chat at this link on Telegram once again.

Other updates

I’ve set up daily backups for Gitea, GitLab, Mastodon, and Matrix now. Keep in mind that I in no way wish to “archive” any data, it’s simply in order to ensure I can get things back up and running in the case of a failure (yes, I meant to make that jab in light of recent events).

After thinking it over some more, I’m a little hesitant on running PeerTube and Pleroma instances. I have been really strapped for time lately, and since it’s really only me managing all these services, with my own funds as well, I don’t really want to expand too fast or at a rate that causes me to feel burned out.

Future Updates

I’m now shifting my attention to focusing on improving the services I currently host. I’m looking into “upgrading” the Mastodon instance to use “glitch-soc” and I’m looking into hosting a client for Matrix, that way potential community members can have a way to try out Matrix and communicate as a guest if needed on our own domain rather than being forced to register at or having to mess with client settings in order to register on Werefox Software.

That’s all for now. I’m hoping to provide more more quick updates in the future in order to make the monthly ones less packed.