System Updates, Logo Change

Quick note before we get started – these “weekly updates” are just going to be titled as blog posts/news headlines. Monthly updates will be titled with their respective month. This is to keep me from feeling like I’m committing to posting these every week, and to keep from doing some kind of unnecessary numbering scheme.

System Updates Account

I’m happy to announce that there’s a system updates account that can be followed on the fediverse which will be posting whenever Werefox Software updates their services or has to go down for maintenance, or any other system admin related updates that may be important. will now be a default followed account for all new users, since it’s a filtered way for any new users to get important updates.

Gitea Update Script

I’ve also taken the time to write out a nifty script to update Gitea when new versions are released. This should both save time and help maintain security as when new updates are released, the script will be run daily to check and replace the current binary. Additionally, I’ve written a follow-up script to run once it has successfully grabbed an updated Gitea binary to post using the previously mentioned account.

Repo link:

Future Work

In order for the update script to post to Mastodon, I wrote a simple Python script using I’m hoping to incorporate this script into future automation regarding system updates and announcements. Once I’ve made enough progress developing this, I’ll gladly make a new repository to host it. On a related note, I do currently have a working project I’ve been meaning to make more development progress on... But I’m not quite ready to formally announce it just yet.

Logo Change

I officially have a new logo for Werefox Software, which I’m pretty excited to reveal!


It’s quite a bit simplified than the previous logo, and retains the color scheme from before. Most, if not all, services should have the logo changed at this point.

Other Updates

I’m still looking for a solid email-blacklist to implement on the Mastodon instance. In the meantime, I have implemented a suspend list and will be working on a way to dynamically update a public-facing list of which instances we’re suspending/muting/etc. in the near future. I don’t want anyone to join the instance without being aware of what instances I’m blocking.

Future Updates

glitch-soc and client-side matrix are still in the works. Didn’t get around to it this week, sorry.

That’s really all for this week. Really glad I’m doing these “smaller updates” because the monthly one would just be absurd if I tried to put this much in it.