September 2019 Monthly Update – Getting Back Up To Speed


It's been a pretty slow week leading up to this monthly update. I'm still trying to get a few things done in my personal life, still dealing with some personal setbacks.

Summary of the month

Telegram Bridge Bot

I was finally able to get the Telegram-Matrix bridge bot back up and running. The general chat on Matrix and Telegram should now have their messages synced.

Daily Backups

Gitea, GitLab, Mastodon, and Matrix all have daily backups set up for their respective databases/configs.

System Updates Account

Go follow @System for posts on Werefox Software updates to services.

Gitea Update Script

I created a repository for the script I'm using to auto-update my Gitea instance.

Werefox Software has a new logo! It should be visible on all services.

Glitch-soc is now running the glitch-soc patch.


Werefox Software is now hosting an instance of the Riot web client.

Closing Notes

Fairly productive month overall, even if it ended a bit poorly. I'm still looking at a few more things I want to get done for myself in the near future, so I'm unsure how much these updates will continue to be about service updates. Hopefully, I'll find some way to squeeze some more interesting things in here.