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I've finally managed to migrate the mastodon and matrix instances. They should both be up and running and open for registration.

Discord & Telegram

However, I'm sad to report a couple casualties. Currently, the Discord bridge bot doesn't seem to be working. I've tried all day to get it up and running properly again and have decided to ditch the bot altogether, as no one seems to be using it (including myself), and it's way too much trouble getting it to work. Additionally, the Telegram bridge bot is down for the time being. I'm interested in getting this back up, however, as I use it regularly to read and respond to my Telegram messages.

As a result of the Discord bot no longer being supported here, I've taken down the Discord server. It's possible I'll create another one for a more gaming-centric purpose in the future, but I'm pretty done with getting that bot to work.

Pleroma and Peertube

As far as Pleroma and Peertube are concerned, I've upgraded the Optiplex with an external 10TB hard drive for storage, and the working plan for part of that is to have Peertube's storage connected to it. However, at the moment its primary purpose is as a storage for the Gitea and GitLab instances, as well as for backups and local shared storage. For Pleroma, I'm looking into the possibility of running a docker image. I don't particularly want to keep dealing with bare metal installations of these services, and a containerized one may help with portability down the line should I ever choose to move devices again.

Closing Notes

I'm thinking of posting at the least a monthly update on the services and progress between work. I may also post a few articles here and there. That's all for this month!

The first major step to migration to the new domain has been completed, thanks to the help of write.as!

Over the course of the next week the servers will be off & on as I continue the migration from werefoxsoftware.com to werefox.dev. The mastodon instance will be essentially formatted and a new one will be started.

I’m currently looking into simultaneously hosting a Pleroma instance alongside to keep up with the development of that service and offer options for any future users, as well as considering the addition of a PeerTube instance to host my own and future users’ videos.

More details on all of this will be posted as they develop.

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