October 2019 Monthly Update – Nothing To See Here, Folks


It's going to be another short update for this month. Most of my focus shifted away from the servers and more to things involving my personal life. I installed a new audio rack, which I repurposed as a mini server rack to host the machines running the Werefox Software set of services. Otherwise, it's been a pretty uneventful month.

Summary of the month

GitLab Removal

As noted in the previous update, GitLab has been removed. I became incredibly frustrated attempting to set up a CI pipeline with it, and decided it would be best to only have Gitea be up and running for now.


After the previous update, I managed to get Halcyon up and running again with a simple update of the config.ini file.


I've taken up streaming over the past week or so. My happy schedule seems to revolve around Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 PM CST. If you're interested in stopping by, here's the link again: https://twitch.tv/Shadow8t4_Games


Delving slightly into my personal life, I went ahead and set up Pi-Hole on my local network at home. It's awesome, highly recommend it.

Future Updates

I'm actually hesitant to say that I have any future updates on my mind at the moment. Mainly concerned with doing some maintenance here and there, and continuing to keep up my blog, streams, and personal life habits. It's been difficult to balance the free time I have and find some more time to flesh out my portfolio work (and my portfolio site), so hopefully that can be my next shift of focus once I settle into more of a rhythm with this month's changes. That's all for this update.