November 2019 Monthly Update – Change

Nothing is permanent, it seems. I've been a little busy this month trying to get myself out of the house, dealing with personal issues, and spending time with family for Thanksgiving. I don't really have much to report because of that.

Keeping Things Stable

The most I've been doing is just trying to ensure things on my end are stable as far as the services go. Everything is still up, but upgrading to Mastodon 3.0.0 has proven to be a real challenge for some reason. I'm sure when I bring myself to sit down for a few days and try again I'll figure it out, but otherwise, it's staying on 2.9.3+glitch until further notice.

What I've Been Up To

Mainly, I've just been focusing on my own life. Trying to figure out where to go with my job, where I'm going to go in 2020. It's a little rough right now to be honest, but it's exciting. I'm anxious to see where life takes me in the upcoming year.

Future Updates

I'm still attempting to make some time to do personal projects in my spare time, but I'll admit the latest Pokemon release has taken up a lot of my time! I'll make another update at the end of the year, or whenever something develops. Until then, that's all for this update.