March 2020 Monthly Update – Moving Targets

I'm officially back living with my parents temporarily. This was of my own volition, since I am actively looking for a job in the Austin area. Because of that, it would save me quite a bit of money and time to have everything already packed and not be making monthly rent payments. Let's get into the updates.

Summary of the month

More Projects?

Hopefully I'll be able to soon reveal a little web app project I'm working on. I hope people will enjoy it. Otherwise, I don't have a whole lot to say on the progress of personal projects I've been working. Having to pack everything up and move while applying to jobs has really stolen a lot of time from me.

Server Status

I've been slowly migrating most of the services that are being hosted on this domain to Docker containers. This was evident by the recent nuking of the Mastodon instance in order to fix an elusive database error that had been persisting throughout a few upgrades and was slowly making the instance unusable.

Currently, the following services has been containerized and running smoothly for the past few weeks:

Further Updates

I'm still planning on setting up a Gitea CI at some point, but that progress has been a little slowed due to all of the other things I'm trying to tackle at the same time. It's been difficult to keep up with everything, but I'm trying my best. I really am hopeful that I can find something soon in Austin and get back on track to focusing on work, social life, and hopefully some video games (I haven't really played anything other than Pokemon for months).