GitLab is Gone

I think I'm starting to get back into the flow of things. Hopefully will get back to more substantial updates in the near future. Here's what's been going on.


I took down the GitLab instance because it kept breaking. Initially, I realized that SSH clone links were not being set properly since I didn't update the config ruby file to be listening to the right SSH port (or at least be aware of it). This meant that while you could still clone using SSH, the link would be wrong unless you knew the port that I was forwarding it to. This was a simple fix.

The real reason the instance is down is because I was a failure at creating runners. I really wanted to have a proper CI pipeline setup for GitLab, but unfortunately between having to change my server's hostname and dealing with numerous undocumented k3s bugs, that just couldn't happen.

Eventually, I decided to scrap the whole instance. The intention was to move completely from Gitea to GitLab eventually anyway, but since this has been an entirely upsetting experience, I decided I'll just stick to the service I already know that has treated me well thus far. (besides, I have heard inklings that a CI pipeline setup is manageable in Gitea anyway)


At the time of writing this, I cannot figure out why Halcyon isn't working. I'm making an attempt to contact the developer to get some insight. I'm sure it's something silly I forgot to do when upgrading at one point.


I'm making a (fairly poor) effort at streaming on Twitch more often. Currently trying to get through the new “The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening” remake on Switch and a little bit of “River City Girls” also on Switch. It seems like it might be more of a weekend thing, so follow my posts on @shadow8t4 if you're interested.

Future Updates

My focus has been pretty scattered recently, but I hope to get settled back into a rhythm soon. Currently, I'm really just looking into how I can better maintain the services I'm already hosting. That's all for this update.