February 2020 Monthly Update – Hiatus

Effectively, it seems I took a hiatus from posting on the blog. I had to take some time to get thinks straight on my own end. Hopefully, I will be back to doing some awesome projects to write about on here soon.

Summary of the month(s)

A Love Letter from Werefox Software


New Mastodon Who Dis?

As you may have noticed, the Mastodon instance was “nuked” last week in order to fix some issues with the database that couldn't be pinpointed. All previous features should be up and running just fine, but registration is currently closed until I can fill out the about section and ToS once again.

Raspberry Pi LCD

I did another article about the process of setting up a programmable display that could be controlled remotely through a VNC connection in an SSH tunnel. You can read more about it here.

New Year

It has come to my attention that I haven't made a monthly update post since the previous decade. Happy New Year!

It would seem all of the servers were readily “2020 compatible”.

(Alexis laughs, believing herself to be funny by making an old 1990's reference no one her age should even get in the first place)

Future Updates

In the process of the effort of re-establishing Mastodon, the instance was converted to a Docker container instance of glitch-soc. I plan on migrating the rest of the services provided (or as much as possible) to containerized versions as well within the upcoming months, along with establishing a CI pipeline for the Gitea instance using either BuildBot or Kubernetes.