Creating a Matrix Account

Specifically, this will be a guide outlining how to make an account on the Matrix instance at, but the same general instructions should work for any instance of Matrix.

Open the Client App

This can be any of the different variations of clients for Matrix. In this example, I'll be showing the process for the Riot web client.

Set the Instance URL

Once you open your client of choice, you should generally be presented with this screen. If you're attempting to create an account on a specific instance other than the default “”, you will want to select “Other” in Riot, for instance, to be given the option to change the instance you're creating an account on. (If you're using, you will not need to do this step)

Fill out Registration Form

Once you change the instance to the desired URL, fill in the credential information as normal.

After you have the registration form connected to the correct instance, you should fill in the necessary registration info.

Recovery Passcode / Recovery Codes

After you successfully create an account, you will be prompted to create a recovery passcode, and you should certainly copy the resulting recovery codes.

If you are using Riot, you will be prompted to create a recovery passcode. This and the recovery codes will be used to recover your encrypted messages should you lose access to your account.


A sample image of the Riot web client after a successful login.

Once you've copied the recovery codes, you should be successfully logged in with your new account. Congratulations!

Using Matrix

These instructions will be made later... In general, if you have questions you can ask me directly. I'm available at: