Birthday, Small Updates

First of all, it was my birthday just a couple days before writing this on September 6th! It was pretty great, and I’m definitely using that as an excuse for why I didn’t get a lot done since the last update.

Second excuse it a lot more personal. I recently had a bit of a development in my life happen, and that considerably affected my motivation towards maintaining these services and posting updates. It’s something I don’t feel comfortable sharing here, but I should be returning to my usual cadence soon.


Mastodon is officially running with the glitch-soc updates. This actually was accomplished shortly after the previous weekly update, but since I had already written it, I decided to include it in this one instead. There seemed to be no real issues getting set up, and I couldn’t be happier with that process. Definitely recommend for any sys admins looking to #upgrade their Mastodon experience.

Riot Web Client

As a new “service” being offered by Werefox Software, you can now access the Riot web client from the domain. I’ll be adding a link to it ( on the services tab shortly. Unfortunately, I was informed I cannot link directly to the general chat through the hosted web client. However, I did realize that you should be able to link to the chat through a link.

Custom Alexis Emoji

Finally, as a small update, I commissioned some pixel art from @pearshapes and made the resulting image into a custom emoji. Users on the instance can type :alexis: to use the emoji. Feel free to ask your system administrator to copy it to yours as well!

Future Updates

I don’t really have anything to say here this week. Right now I’m mainly focusing on (finally) getting some things done around the house and working on some personal projects.

That’s all for now. Next update should be a monthly one. I’ll go over anything else that happened between now and then and summarize the previous updates.